VENDOR BOOTH ~ Be a vendor at a booth for the entire 3 day period! You can promote, sell or give samples of your items. The booth will include 1 six-foot table and 2 chairs. $50.00 for the weekend. 

SWAG BAGS ~ ​​An awesome way to advertise and reach people! The first 100 shoppers will be given a swag bag. In the bag will be coupons, maybe a treat, flyer, or something fun and eye catching from local companies! ​Here's how it works for you... it's just $10.00, and you provide whatever item you'd like to advertise with. You can provide as many of this one item as you like! We put them in our bags, and you get to reach a whole bunch of people in a three day period. That's a lot of people personally bringing home something with your name on it, without having to work at a booth the entire weekend. 

ONLINE ADVERTISING ~ ​How would you like to be featured on our website/and Facebook page? ​There are several options for placement on the website and how many Facebook posts. Please contact us at ​for further information and pricing. 

             ​​Although this sale is geared towards women and children, your item doesn't have to be child specific. You're reaching parents who need all sorts of things you have to sell! We'd love to help you reach these people and if you would like to do this, or would like information about other vending opportunities please call or email me personally :)

   Vending & Advertising opportunities!