Accepted Items
Accepted Items...Gently Used, Quality, Clean Items is the key! 

We will now be accepting items for all seasons at every sale. This will allow you to stock up in advance. ALL your items will be inspected before you set them up at Drop Off.  We will be checking for stains or torn clothing items.  We will be plugging in all electrical items.  You may need to supply batteries for your items.  Once we test the item, you may keep your batteries.  You may also leave the batteries in the item and price your item accordingly.
         Some examples of items we accept:
          Children's furniture, tables, chairs, Strollers, pack n' play, high chair, bouncer, lay n' play, bumbo..... if
             your baby used it, bring it!​
  • kids bikes( kids bikes only!), scooters, game consoles, board games, puzzles (please make sure all pieces are included)
Outdoor play gear, portable sandboxes, playhouses, water tables, slip n'slides
Homeschool curriculum and educational products, books etc​
  • All dress up and Halloween costumes
  • Swimwear and swim accessories, all winter wear and accessories
  • Dancewear and ALL youth sports equipment  
    ALL baby through teen clothing
    Moms bring your maternity wear and maternity accessories
    We are now hoping to have a fun section for us moms as well, so bring in your excellent condition clothing!​​​
  • All merchandise should be in GREAT condition and neatly hung on hangers.
  • Items tagged with the tagging system

    Everything you need to raise your kids from crib to college!​
    ​Moms, everything you need from maternity to everyday life!

If you have any questions about items you are not sure about, please contact us. Thanks!

Not Accepted...
  • Car Seats & Booster Seats -- Due to Liability--Sorry--Safety 1st!
    NO DROP SIDE CRIBS -- Due to Recalls​
  • Any items that have been recalled by the manufacturer .
  • Stained or torn clothing -- Easy to miss -- please look over your items.  Help us maintain the standard
    of quality at the sale.  Again, all items will be inspected at Drop Off.  Items not meeting the quality standards will be pulled.  Thanks!

    Shoes that show signs of wear or that are stained
  • Broken items or items with missing pieces
  • R-rated VHS or DVDs / Scratched DVD's
  • Battery Operated Items that do not work or have not been tested.  Batteries must be supplied for the item at least during testing at Drop Off.
  • Music CDs with explicit lyrics /Scratched CD's
  • Items tagged without using the tagging system (**NO exceptions will be made**)
    Items tagged with a STAPLER OR STRAIGHT PINS

   Due to recent safety regulations it is vitally important that you check your items with the US Consumer Safety Recall Website!                                                         Thank you for putting the safety of our children first and foremost!

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:
Department of Transportation (carseat recalls): 1-800-424-9393

Little Tikes: 1-800-321-0183
Power Wheels: 1-800-348-0751
Fisher Price: 1-800-432-5437
Playschool: 1-800-752-9755
Evenflo: 1-800-233-5921


Consumer Reports (Product Safety Info.):
Please understand, My Kids Closet will not be responsible for loss or damage of consignors items.
We will always do our very best to insure that your items are safe and cared for.