Pricing Rules
  • There is a MINIMUM $1.00 base price for any item(s). If you have an item that you feel should not be priced that high, we suggest grouping it with other like items.
  • You MUST price your items in $0.50 increments, (ex. $1.00, $4.50, $9.00, etc.).  No other increments will be accepted to ensure speedy check-outs for buyers at the sale.
  • You MUST use the online tagging system to price and tag your items. Sorry, no exceptions. Contact us if you have questions regarding this.
  • Be sure your items are CLEAN and GENTLY USED!
Pricing Guidelines
Here are a few general guidelines on pricing based on experience:
  • In general, the lower you price your items, the more likely they will sell.  Try to think of the "Latte' Factor"... everything adds up!  Also, don't you want your items to sell before someone elses?
  • As you price merchandise, ask yourself: "How much would I be willing to pay for this?"
  • Consignment items are typically priced at approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of their original retail price.  If your item is a higher-end item (with name brand), you may want to set the price on the higher end.  Certain consignment items, such as larger indoor/outdoor toys & furniture (kitchens, playhouses, beds, etc...) with brand names like Little Tykes and Step 2, can be priced higher than apparel at around 1/3-1/2 of original retail price.  These types of items are more durable and in greater demand. The price should always be based on condition, with higher prices given to items that have only been used indoors or are gently used.
  • Package similar items together for quicker sale.  It's more attractive for a buyer to purchase a bag of similar items (socks, blankets, toys) or a matching outfit than a single toy or pair of pants.  Plus, you can make more on these combined items!
  • There are often many of the same type of item for sale, so if your item is priced too high, it will NOT sell.  This is especially the case for baby apparel (sizes 0 through 2T).  Also, if you have items that you know you won't want to take home, then you may want to price them lower, and mark them for the 50% off sale.
  • You set the price!  Price to sell; always keeping in mind the quality, name brand and condition of your items.  Remember, money in your pocket is better than over-stuffed closets!  Hence, PRICE TO SELL!  We also suggest that you let your clothing items be included in the half-price sale.  We'd rather give you a bigger check than a lot of unsold items
Toy Pricing Inforamtion:

​​Need help pricing toys & equipment?  Can't remember the original price?  Check out some of the sites listed below for help...

Amazon Online
KB Toys:
Toys R
Little Tykes:
KB Toys:

Large Item Price Guide:

Crib $25-$150
Pack 'N Play $15-45
Bassinet $20-50
Rocking Chair $15-50 (Add $10-25 for Ottoman)
Changing Table $15-50
Toddler Bed (Plain) $10-30
Toddler Bed (Character or Themed) $20-50
Umbrella Strollers $5-15
Single Strollers $5-40
Travel Set (Stroller + Infant Carrier) $20-75
Double Stroller $20-60
Sit N' Stand Stroller $15-30
Jogging Stroller $10-75
Double Jogging Stroller $15-100
High Chair $10-30
Travel Swing $10-25
Infant Swing $10-40
Exersaucer $5-45
Indoor Baby Play-gym $5-15
Bouncy Seat $5-25
Toy Box $5-30
Kitchen/Vanity/Tool Bench $10-30
Easel $5-20
Kid's Table $5-20 (Add $5 for each chair)
Chair $5-15
Sand/Water Table $15-35
Outdoor Play-gym $20-150
Slide $5-25
Playhouse $20-$175
Toddler Ride-on $3-6
Cozy Coup $8-20
Toddler Ride-on (With adult handle) $5-15
Power-wheels $30-75
Plastic Basketball Goal $5-15
Tricycle $5-25
Bicycle (With training wheels) $5-20
Bicycle (Big Kid) $10-30
Bicycle (Adult or stunt bike) $20-75

Instruction Manuals:

Can't find the manual or got it second hand and you never had the manual. Presenting a wonderful tool: Manuals Online.  This site is so easy to use!  Just type your item in the search box, select it and print the Manufacture's Manual.  Voila!

You can use it for everything from LeapFrog Toys to Easy Bake Ovens, Baby Slings to Strollers, Power-Wheels to Rocking Horses.  Just think, wouldn't a first time mom be more likely to buy the baby sling that comes with instructions over the one she can't even figure out how to put on?!

With the manual attached not only does your item look newer, you may be able to ask 5% - 10% or more!  Just make sure the cost of the paper, ink, and baggie is worth the effort!  ;)