New This Year
Got Hangers?
If you need more hangers ...we've got 'em! 
First Come ~ First Serve ~ They go quickly!
Must be by appointment only.
Call or text Becca 406-381-5139

Hangers are available!!!!
Old Navy, Target, and Family Dollar sometimes offer free hangers. Dollar tree in Missoula has hangers 8 for $1.00. Get your hangers early since many of these stores run out early prior to the sale.
Helpful Tip:  Bring a box or bag with you to make it easier to pack all your hangers home.

It is usually impossible to know how many hangers you may actually need,
​so please return any unused hangers back to the hanger location at your earliest convenience.
​This way each of you has a good chance of getting enough.  Thanks!
Other Options:
Check with Old Navy, Target, or Family Dollar for free hangers. 
​​Also, places like Dollar Tree and Walmart usually carry small hangers 10 for $1.00