Drop Off / Pick Up
Enter through Main Entrance
​                                     **Drop Off for the sale is Thursday, October13th from 12pm- 6:30pm**
                                                                 (This will be our ONLY Drop Off time. Thanks for your cooperation!)
1) Upon arrival, you will check in at the check in desk with the registration volunteer.  If you have under 20 items you will need to pay your $15.00 registration fee at that time per your registration agreement. Once you are checked  in you will receive your Consignor Pre-Sale Wristband.

2) Your next step will be to bring your items to the inspection station. Here you will hang your clothing items for a final once over by the inspection volunteer to make sure there are no torn or stained items that may have been overlooked. Your electronic items  need to have batteries in them so that they can be tested. Any electronic items that do not work will not be allowed in the sale. CD's, DVD's, and VHS tapes will be checked to be sure they are in the correct case and are in good shape.

​3) Then, you will need to take your items to the correct area to hang up or display.  We will have volunteers on the floor to assist you with locations & placement.  Be sure to allow approximately 30 minutes for drop off.

​* Things to keep in mind

​​-Please have clothes sorted by size and gender. (This step will save you a great deal of time at drop-off)

​-All apparel, and blankets, MUST be on hangers at the time of drop off.  Hang all clothing on hangers with the hook opening to the left (like a question mark).

-All items MUST have a tag created by our online tagging system.  See Prep & Tagging for proper tag placement.

-If you have not selected to have you items donated , and you intend on picking them up after the sale, you will need to bring one medium-size cardboard box (no plastic totes) to drop off.  We will use the boxes at the end of the sale to return unsold items to you.  Do not bring a box you want to keep as boxes will be distributed randomly. *If you do not have a box, check with the grocery stores for any free boxes, or Walmart has inexpensive boxes for sale.

​                               **Pick Up for the sale is Sunday, October16th (6:00pm-7:00pm)
                                                                                        (This will be our ONLY Pick UP time.)

  Sorry, but this will be our ONLY pick up time...  Our lease contract states that we have to be cleared out of the building on Sunday night.  Pick Up Day is VERY busy and we just do not have the capacity or capability of holding onto all the items that are forgotten.  We really do wish we could, but it is purely impossible.  So, please understand, ALL items not picked up on the last night of the sale will become property of My Kids Closet.  Many people send a friend if their schedule does not allow them to come. Thanks so much for your cooperation!
1) PLEASE NO EARLY BIRDS & NO LATE OWLS!!! If you do slip through the locked doors, you will be asked to join in & help!  :) 

​2) Upon arrival, you will check in with one of us or a volunteer.

3) Next, you will see that all of the racks are resorted.  All Consignor items will be re-grouped back together.  The racks will be loaded with Consingor's ID numbers in  numerical order.

4) Loose items will be placed i​n boxes nearby (this is why each Consignor needs to bring a box on Drop Off day)​.

5) Large items will also be grouped in a nearby location.​​

6) We cannot stress enough how VERY important it is that EACH Consignor verify ALL of their items BEFORE they leave.  This includes verifying the items are, in fact, yours AND verifying that you have all of your unsold items (you can print a report, in advance, to take with you).  Mistakes do happen... ,but we all try our best; including our amazing crew of Volunteers!

7) BEFORE you leave, we ask that you please check the "LOST & FOUND?MISSING TAG / PULLED" rack.​​

8) Pleeeease understand, any items not picked up by 7:00 p.m. WILL BE DONATED (Donations ARE released Sunday evening).​

DONATED ITEMS:  We are very proud to say that ALL of the donated items go back into our AMAZING community!!!!  

ALL Consignors will need to schedule a Drop Off appointment.  Please click the icon above or you may schedule an appt. upon
registration as a "returning consignor"or upon registration as a "new consignor".  If you have already registered, you may still proceed to this link.  Click on "Past Consignors Register Here" & then, click on "Returning Consignors Register Here". It should take you to a login screen where you will be prompted to login.​  Thereafter, a "Consignor Menu" will appear where you will have the opportunity to "Sign Up For a Drop Off Appointment".
If you have problems with "cookies", sometimes it is helpful to use a different browser (i.e. Google Chrome or Firefox).
​​Contact Miranda or Becca with any questions regarding Drop Off or Pick Up Concerns.